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[1.1] Centralian Ordered Chaos: Octagonbase Challenges [9.1[10]


It was a very necessary meeting that was held in a meeting chamber in the new XFARIAbase that took up one whole Octagonbase section, in theory; in practice much of the section was not used.


Turner frowned softly. "The task, of making a complete assessment of the resources, of the Octagonbase, have gone well in six of the 13 sections. The inaccuracy, of maps and other data, has meant the slowing down of that process in another five sections and that the other three sections are proving most problematic!"


A 3Dwall showed the people, at the meeting, shifting views of autorobotic storerooms, big utility chambers full of machinery, rows of machines in long term storage mode, large preserver canisters full of more sensitive items, hydroponics gardens and much else of the kind.


A black, bald, handsome man was Granger who frowned softly. "What we need to assess are our goals which will further highlight if we have not only enough general E&S (equipment-supplies) but also the right specialised sorts. How many clones serve us and of what kinds?"


Phillipe, the son of Edward, was the one who spoke. "That data is restricted being secured off by Octagonnet and Octagonus who are obviously reluctant to inform us more about what they call the splinterclones. Octagonus has made it clear that while they serve, the needs of XFARIA, that they are part of the Octagonforce. That is they are not part of XFARIA! The only details given is that there are Securaofficers in charge of Securaguards, Servoofficers in charge of Servoworkers and eight smaller categories of specialists including their officers. The Securaguards are internal security and the Servoworkers do both what were traditionally called general 'white and blue collar' work."


Astrina, the wife and scientific assistant of Edward, spoke out. "It may be that Octagonus is reluctant to provide too much information about the splinterclones for doing so might expose something else that Octagonus is attempting to conceal. That may be to do with the Celestibaby."


Edward sighed. "My requests, to investigate the nature of CelestiOnoyes, have been neatly blocked and RainbowTinzi has gone through the motions of being studied but has revealed very little. Our most advanced, and sophisticated, instruments can not penetrate the secrets. Reynes, and Stephani, with their special abilities have come closer to the truth."


Frank spoke, being the working partner and husband of Diana. "The FreeGunners have been running into interference when trying to investigate certain network-systems of Octagonnet and have been kept out of Octagonus' own network-systems. We need to do some careful negotiating with Octagonus and perhaps even with CelestiOnoyes. RainbowTinzi appears to be reluctant to mediate such negotiations and hints because 'things' have not always gone well between the two living child goddesses."


The truth was no XFARIAns had gotten physically close to CelestiOnoyes. Reynes, and Stephanie, had only 'glimpsed' her, mindwise.


Stephanie had been quiet until then but now she spoke with care. "CelestiOnoyes is frightened but of nothing straight forward; perhaps she is fearful of more than one challenge. We need to help the Celestibaby, the Rainbowbaby, and others in this place; we need to do so with all of our resources."


At that moment the FreeGunners found that they could access most of the Octagonnet with greater ease and more of Octagonus.


Information flowed to them of there being 13 splinterclone sections being one directly assisting CelestiOnoyes, three generally assisting Octagonus-Octagonnet, internal security, special supertech support, emergency response services, XFARIA assistance, SangaScavvers-RainbowTinzi assistance, special miscellaneous services, splinterclones self service-support, defence and special classified service-support.

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[1.1] Centralian Ordered Chaos: Octagonbase Challenges [10.1[11]


A big remoterobotic spydrone was suspended from the ceiling. It was one of the prototypes of a type of machine used in the 100s, by the US, during WW3. They were sold to other nationstates and, to US anger, were part of the invasion of the US mainland by Soviets and their allies, a number of which had once been allied to the USA.


The small XFARIA group was guided by robots acting as guides answered questions to the best of their basic ability to do so.


Frank examined an early, bulky, set of powerarma as used in the Korean War where many had broken down, leaving the soldiers inside as helpless sitting ducks to enemy fire; in the end the American GIs had destroyed them all, pretending that the enemy had done so. That is after they had salvaged, what they could, from them.


Frank Stormstar spoke. "It was reported to be near here."


He meant a secret door to a mysterious chamber. It was behind a display box, with experimental laserguns, that swung quietly to one side. The armoured powerdoor was a little tricky to hack but then it was sliding horizontally open with a soft humming noise. Then the XFARIAns were staring in wonder at the massive, supertech, machine that looked not quite like any known mechanism but parts of different ones put together. There were two, very big, transparent cubicles being one at either side of the machine. The big official sign identified it as a TransformcatorB1A200. The crude, unofficial, sign warned that it was too dangerous to use.


13 Securaguards glided into view in their black powerarmasuits of the lighter sort used by parasecurity forces of heavy security. A lieutenant spoke to the newcomers. "You may look but don't touch. Anything created, by this machine, starts distorting from the a responsive adjusting bioplastic creation it started out as. The inventor was partly consumed by a couchbed. The Octagonbase has over 100 such massive, dangerously problematic, inventions."


Edward smiled. "Are most of you splinterclones female?"


The Securaofficer responded with seeming reluctance. "Yes, most of us are women! Perhaps CelestiOnoyes will transform this machine so as to make it both safe and useful. Wondrous she has done so with other dangerous inventions so that they are no longer so. We also have over 50 alien artefacts, some of them being quite large but not what one would call massive."


Edward smiled some more with guileless charm. "Would you wondrous splinterclones be our guides?"


The lieutenant nodded her head in an odd fast, sharp, fashion. "There is something very close to here that may interest you and that CelestiOnoyes wants you to look at. So does RainbowTinzi."




The large globular thing was many globes partly merged into one another. It floated above the floor, drifting just a little side by side but not as a balloon would for it was as if it was on an invisible floor. It was multiple coloured translucent with slowly shifting lights inside that also moved back and forth. There was a feeling about it that was not of threat but of strong possible danger if one did the wrong thing too close to it. Perhaps that was why it was inside a powerful force field bubble.


Edward spoke. "Looks like a kind of organic plastic meaning it could be of the Plasbiogrand of the Plasbionions of animated bioplastics. That could easily be an autonic transport carrying with it the twisted mentality, and narrowly focused psychic abilities, of the Plasbiogrand. Why are we wanted to look at it?"


The lieutenant said. "Just curiosity, I suppose, or at least that would explain RainbowTinzi's interest for she has a great curiosity about everything including CelestiOnoyes which was one reason that she was led to the far more powerful living goddess. She went out wandering when the Celestibaby seemed to lose interest in her but was in truth never out of CelestiOnoyes' mind. So with Celestibaby went special companions, servitors and protectors that you probably did not detect, at least no more than a hint."


Phillipe stepped forth. "When I was in North Africa, serving as an interpreter and security mercenary, I heard a story about the landing of a strange plastic craft in the Sahara Desert. There was a bitter fight between bizarre plastic creatures and nomads who were soon doing it tough. Then, in the night, black clad supersoldiers came and wiped out the aliens. In the morning the Bedouin found the extraterrestrial transport was gone along with the plastic things that had come out of it but a large area of sand was fused into a glassy material."

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[1.1] Centralian Ordered Chaos: Octagonbase Challenges [10.2[12]


The lieutenant responded. "We splinterclones may have carried out that operation but there were, are most likely still are, a large number of supersoldier types. We wonder why CelestiOnoyes is very interested in it. Like all Celestigods she is extremely canny, smart and often thinks long term so she could be patiently putting a plan together bit by bit."


Edward frowned. "A plan to achieve what?"


The splinterclone responded dryly. "We were hoping that you might help us answer that question. There is a story that the criminal genius, William Bell, and yourself met a Celestigod once."


Edward shook his head. "It was a dangerously rogue Celestidemigod and we were lucky to survive the encounter which not all of our companions were. This needs thinking about but let us continue the tour."


They went through more openly accessible display chambers dotted with an amazing range of gadgets being of civil, military, security and other purposes. Often the same machine could be adapted to serve many roles.


A MrFuture robot was the basic prototype that would generate a great variety of Mr, Mrs, Miss and other partly titled fanjet lifted machines such as MrGrunts, MrGutsys, MrPorters, MrHandys, MissNursys, MrDocs, MissMaids, MrsSurgies, and MrsHostesses. Some variations were very specialised and a few were more than a little disturbing in nature.


The biggest surprise was the chamber dotted with tables upon each was a prototype model, and plans, to make something unusual at least by mortal human standards. It did not take long for the XFARIAns to realise that CelestiOnoyes had placed them there for as they went near any of the tables some helpful information entered their minds. Clearly she needed those 23 type objects to be manufactured in a steady manner.

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[1.1] Centralian Ordered Chaos: Octagonbase Challenges [11.1[13]


ScitechOrder airships, airboats, hubcopters and propplanes came into land at the NewPentagon where jetcopters, and jetplanes, had already arrived as a pathfinder force. IronsideBrigade, and other special forces, had found entering the fortified building easily, as promised by the mysterious allies. There was, as part of the massive NewPentagon, two large areas designed to take STOL, and VTOL, aircraft including the advanced airvessels. They would be protected by adjustable roofs or, if smaller, by going down by elevator into underground hangers.


A rainstorm, driven by only offshore winds, brought with it some thunder and lightening; it brought mainly rain hence its name. The landing operation was only mildly hindered by that storm largely because it was only just arriving from the Centralian Inner Sea (CIS) to the east, across the StormwallCR of the Centropolis State.


The mysterious allies had agreed upon a deal involving aide, trade, and tribute with the ScitechOrder being in no position to refuse what had turned out to be a generous contract in more than one way. Five big armaarmed airships full of E&S, and useful space, had been delivered to the first staging post after the expedition had departed from the LostHills. Even more E&S, along with other kinds of resources, waited for the ScitechOrder in the NewPentagon. This included some very special items.


The Seekars were profoundly gifted psychic-psionicers who had, through their mindeyes, had strong glimpses of what would be found in the NewPentagon but also of the Octagon; the seeking out of which was part of the contract with the mysterious allies as was helping those there including two relatively young, powerful, alien entities. There was plenty else to do so it would be the Seekars who would try to find a way down to the Octagon while others focused on facing other challenges.


Scitechers rested from searching through the NewPentagon that would soon become the ScitechCitadel. The Scitechrangers, and ,Scitechscouts, would soon enough be heading out into the Central Domeland or so was the intention at the time.

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[1.1] Centralian Ordered Chaos: Octagonbase Challenges [12.1[14]


A large library-study chamber, attached to larger autorobotic archives, was where over 100 XFARIAns were busy going through extensive data that was mostly found as electronic data. XFARIA stood for Xenodata Formulation Archival Research Investigation Agency.


Xeno had come to mean 'alien, extremely exotic, and related subjects' as focused in xenodata type information. Formulation was the 'formulation' of data summaries and other documentation; this was including journals, briefings and reports. Archival was working with archives be they solidstate, autorobotic, or manual. Research was internal with agency xenodata. Investigation was the external investigations based on the XFARIA data and the gathering of data. XFARIA assistance splinterclones numbered 39 and were invaluable in their helping of the work. The official definition, XFARIA, and its duties did cover the truth.


Martin Bough was a brilliant archivist and researcher but also was the Research Director managing what was going on. He kept taking in summarised reports of what 145 people were doing in that great chamber along with supercomputers including one AIsupercomputer. As he double checked one report he gave a start of surprise.


Sitting next to Phillipe, formerly of the FBI's EICD, he indicated the paragraph that did not have any real relation to those around it. He read out the paragraph. "The door to three doors being each to three doors, each door being in a hidden chamber, the first being copper, the next three being silver and the further nine being gold. Each door comes with a puzzle, a keypad linked electronic lock and a manual lock needing a key. The silver doors are more difficult, to get through, than the copper and the golden are harder still. These are not the official OctagonVaults, saferooms or safestorerooms. Following that is a long line of letters, numerals and other symbols of which a few are unknown to me and I have spent my life studying such symbology."


Peter frowned. "This is very interesting. That is code, at the end of the paragraph, by my guesstimation is a precode that needs to be worked on to create the actual code that may have buried in it more than one subcode."


Martin frowned softly. "Spenser Taylor is an excellent decoder with much experience."


Phillipe nodded. "Very interesting! Yes, I will work with him. We will need copies, of that paragraph, put on record with relevant details, going to all the usual necessary places."


Martin frowned suddenly. "Of course! I must go having much else to do but will keep in contact with you." The director stood and then departed quickly from being with Peter.


The youthful Phillipe, who was much older than he looked even with out taking in the time spent in status, looked quietly thoughtful before he went back to studying the 2002AD published newsmagazine edition in front of him. The compact, glossy, relatively expensive publication was open to its obituaries page. Among the small, high definition, photos there was one of a man named Martin Bough whose features seemed to be amazingly familiar and similar to those of the Martin who just departed. Clearly the fake Martin had seen the photo and then had fled.


Phillipe sighed and then went to talk to somebody in high command.

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[1.1] Centralian Ordered Chaos: Octagonbase Challenges [13.1[15]


The supposedly fake Martin Bough was the 'real' one not brought back from the dead but abducted from the moment just before true death; he had been replaced by a false version of himself and brought forward into the future while being rejuvenated plus enhanced. He had no real idea of how he had gotten to be in the Octagonbase except that he awoke in a statuscapsule when the other XFARIAns had done so.


There were others, in the massive underground complex, that had so 'returned'. Nobody seemed to know how this has happened or if it would be happening again.


That is until a Rainbowman came forth, gracefully moving in a rainbowrobe that gave the impression of almost being part of his body, of partially blending into it. He sat at a meeting table with the established XFARIA leadership that now included a splinterclone representative.


He spoke. "I am Rainbowin1/1 being Prime of the Primary 13. One speaks for CelestiOnoyes indirectly through RainbowTinzi. CelestiOnoyes is still reluctant to face any of you directly while RainbowTinzi wants to invite you to her Home Coming Rainbow Celebration. I am part of the newly generating 13Rainbow13 that has already begun the preparations for the happy event. You are all invited! Anyway, back to the main message."


"Celestigods have intentional, and unintentional, effects on the realms around them which is balanced against in true celestial realms but not so effectively in mortal ones such as this one. Yet it is not celestially very young CelestiOnoyes who is behind what has happened, and may happen again, but at least one other high celestial power out there. There are other Celestials on this world who could never have done so, such as the rogue older sister, of CelestiOnoyes, being CelestiGetgo and the abomination Celestidemigod CelestiDecollis who briefly met with Walter Bishop."


Edward was sitting at the table. He frowned strongly. "Yes, he arrogantly expressed his name straight into our mortal minds, killing seven of us at once and causing three more to die later. He almost killed Allan Yateman who I thought was a deep friend but who turned out to be a monster."


Rainbowin1/1 sighed. "The real Yateman was an egotistic, fame hungry, fool who hungered after forbidden knowledge. In a sense the better part of him died the moment that CelestiDecollis rammed into his mind both unbidden but also unblocked. Bell let him in because he was convinced this could give him access to information forbidden to mortals. Later he was betrayed by CelestiDecollis just as Allan Yateman betrayed others including yourself. Only then was he truly killed. He went to the depths of Hell."


Which was when a much wiser, mellower, nicer version of Allan Yateman came into the room. He spoke even as he sat at the table. "The Great Celestial Mother has become aware of this world of worlds and in observing the MultiWorld she has been influencing it profoundly. That is in ways complicated, intrinsic, and subtle. I am a karmic volunteer returned to make up for the great harm I have done."

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[1.1] Centralian Ordered Chaos: Octagonbase Challenges [13.2[16]


It was too turn out that all the XFARIAns had died before or on Doomsday but mostly during WW4 thanks to the increasingly chaotic use of superweapons ending with the greater use of the same on Doomsday. It was also to turn out that the Octagon itself had been mostly destroyed by a driller missile on Doomsday but now it was back, heavily improved, just as the XFARIAns were.


Despite this the XFARIAns continued to be focused on their everyday duties even as nearly all official sections, of the Octagonbase, were lightly explored and maps corrected along with other data. The reasons for the mistakes were not due to deliberate falsehood but because of the transforming of the Octagon when it was 'returned'.


Allan Yateman joined a special scientific team that Walter Bishop was also a primary member of.

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[1.1] Centralian Ordered Chaos: Octagonbase Challenges [14.1[17]


Edward observed the autonic vessel as it prepared to depart after an agreement was made and part of it carried out. The autonic vessel was fully charged, and lightly rejuvenated as a quasiliving entity. With a sparkling shimmer, a common side effect of dimensional shifting along with transdimensional activity, the Plasbiogrand plasbioship departed back into space. In the chamber were only Edward, Astrina and three splinterclones.


Was it a potential problem solved? Edward spoke to Astrina. "The central avatar, merged with the autonship, stated it was abducted from its spacetime coordinates even as it travelled towards Kowless77789. It has now been returned, with assistance by CelestiOnoyes, to the original coordinates of its abduction."


Astrina, the lovely youthful dark woman, stood next to him. "Where is Kowless77789?"


Edward smiled at his wife. "I have no real idea but I suspect it is a universal destination somewhere close to the tip of this galactic spiral that the Earth is part of. It is most likely where the GreatIntelligence has one of its heavily concealed home bases. The GreatIntelligence has made a fair few powerful enemies and is forced to do such tricks to survive. Do I trust it? No, of course not, for the GreatIntelligence is nothing if not devious and deceptive. I just hope that it is not foolish enough to come back to this world to cause trouble."


Astrina smiled and held his closest hand. "Waltie, at least it appears that this is one possible threat that has been dealt with!"


Edward kissed her softly her face, her nearest cheek. "Why don't we take a break, from work, and make love?"


Astrina smile grew bigger. "What a wonderful idea, you wonderful dirty old man!"


Which was how Astrina became pregnant as Edward's marriage partner or was there more to the story than that?

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Story Points to be noted so far:


XFARIA means Xenodata Formulation Archives Research Investigation Agency.


An increasing number of factions have been mentioned in Post #1.


I have decided that all acronyms pronounced as words should be put into italics.


Changed SteelOrder to ScitechOrder. Lyons has become Irons.


WashingtonDC has become CentropolisCR with the 'CR' meaning Central Republic! There is more than one 'Centropolis'. The older Centropolis was destroyed due to a terrible, inexplicable, disaster. It is known as CentropolisLR (Lost Republic) with LR meaning part of the Central Republic that was destroyed with the city and then heavily sealed off.


'DC' has been replaced by 'CR' as a general term.


Other names are being changed.


XFARIA, as XFARIAns, has awoken from status in Octagonbase of the Greater Octagon most often called the Octagon.


Just as this happened there arrived a group known as the SangaScavvers that included RainbowTinzi the Rainbowbaby.


They were met by splinterclones and learned of the Celestibaby named CelestiOnoyes.


There appeared Goldbab01/13 expanded to be many Babbabs of three metallic colour codes being golden, silvery and coppery.


Fanfic names changed and characters then further evolved from there.

Walter became Edward.

Peter became Phillipe.

Astrid became Astrina.

Reyes became Reynes (last name to first name).

Olivia became Stephani.


More to be added in future as well as editing to be done.

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