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Is Bethesda Trying to Kill Modding Community?


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For the love of God, Bethesda just released Skyrim on GOG.com with NO DRM, NO CREATION CLUB, and THE ABILITY TO FREEZE OR ROLL BACK UPDATES. They even gave Nexus and the SKSE team early access so that Vortex and SKSE would be ready to go day one. How can anyone accuse them of trying to kill the modding community when they go massively out of their way to support it on a regular basis.

I was just on Gog, and saw something that reminded me of your post.

They've got Morrowind GOTY edition for like just under 5 bucks. I had a huge nostalgia moment there for a second. Then my brain kicked back into normal mode, and the voice in the back of my head starting going "NO! No, no no! Don't DO it!!!"



Is that the quiet voice of reason that people say is the one we should listen to; SHOUTING at you?


Or is it the loudmouth who we listen to most often and we know we will get ourselves into trouble if we do what that loudmouth recommends? Is it Loudmouth? And actually saying not to get the GOG Morrowind without the DRM?


I think both of your mighty little conscious guides are :laugh: at you!

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He's flat out wrong.


The mods he mentioned stopped updating before the AE release, almost a year ago.


SE being available on multiple PC platforms is NOT the problem he claims it is. Game Pass can't use SKSE, period. If you get the game on there you are restricted to the tens of thousands of non-SKSE mods. That is no different from when you used to be able to buy Oblivion on Steam or (I forget the name of it, it was a digital download only service that encrypted the game so that the script extender couldn't work). Where you buy the game matters whether SKSE will work or not.


However, both the Steam and GOG versions will have SKSE support and mods should work equally well on either. There may be some mods that use their own direct injection method that will require separate support, but they will be rare. And that is a consequence of how they were designed to work.


The ideal would be for all mods that can use the Address Library to use the Address Library. That would mitigate the issues of patches and other download sites nicely.


But, the most important thing to remember is that people have been demanding the game be released on other services than Steam for years. And these problems would have existed no matter when such a release happened.


You can't have your cake and complain about it too.

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I was tempted by the GOG version which is hugely discounted at the moment, but not enough to buy Skyrim again. Years ago, steam demanded you be online to play the game that you own which was a problem then with no home internet, just a mobile with 1 GB data allowance, a few hundred MB would be chewed away so they can throw their stinking ads at you constantly. There was no offline mode, sometimes it was down to not being able to play the game I own because you needed data to access the site, I still haven't forgiven them for that. The thought of playing Sky without going through steam is very tempting, my PC struggles enough and would appreciate not having that unnecessary client in the background. There will be a big steam exodus when GOG is sorted and I just may be one of them.

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I suggest you to watch the whole video. He shows multiple mods that were updated after AE launched. And those are only example for viewers. You will see many more if you go to the SE mod page. And what he said is true about modders leaving and users having issues due to mods being incompatible with latest version(s).
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Mods that were updated for AE and no longer have SE versions are because the mod creators don't want to support multiple versions. Their choice, nothing to do with Bethesda.


And I don't know if you've noticed, but a lot of modders have left over the past eleven years. The Nexus has a caretaker system specifically because it is so common.


You somehow make it seem like it is Bethesda's fault that some people stay on the old version and complain that they can't have new mods and some people update and complain that they can't have old mods. None of that has anything to do with Bethesda.


Quite simply "The change in Bethesda's practices regarding updates and paid content has caused some disruption to the modding community despite both Bethesda's and modder's efforts to mitigate the problem" is a true statement. "Bethesda is trying to kill Modding" is a false statement with no evidence in support of it and lots of evidence against it.


It's QAnon levels of paranoid absurdity.

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Ofc it is Bethesda's fault. And I don't make it seem like its their fault.I simply revealed it. There are objectively better ways to release patches like i mentioned it above. Let the modding community fix it without changing the version or release after thorough testing. Any other ideas are welcomed. Also this was already an issue even before AE. This is why number of modders always decreasing.

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You can't "let the modding community fix it" because the majority of players have never and will never install a mod.


And "thorough testing" will still never reveal the problems that releasing it to 27 million users will reveal. No software in the history of mankind has ever left the programmer completely bug-free, let alone anything with this level of complexity.


And the number of modders is "always decreasing" because the game is eleven years old. New releases of the game and official updates bring in more players and more potential modders. Without them, these games would have far fewer modders.

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