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As the night drags on, you enter the city the city of Pelagiad. After many fights with many a wild beast, A bed next to a warm sounds very welcoming. You check the Halfway Tavern. The logdings are full. So, sitting next to the road, you wrap your cloak around yourself, and tuck in for the night. Just then, a door opens on the opposite side of the road.


Spotting you, the beatiful woman says,

"I See you're tired, adventurer. Please, step in, and rest for a while. My name is Jade."

"Many thanks, Jade." You say, stepping toward her.

Walking into her well-furnished home, you observe that she is doing well for herself. Silverware dishes, finely carved furniture, polished marble floors, and a cozy fireplace.

"Please, sit down. Feel at home." Says Jade, preparing some food.

"Thank you very much." You say, sitting down.

After a short time, the food is prepared and ready to eat. Jade sets the food down on the table, giving you the larger portion. You both sit down.

"This looks wonderfull!" You exclaim, smelling the fantastic aroma.

"Thank you." Replies Jade, smiling.

After you eat, you thank Jade for the food and hospitality, and prepare to leave.


As you open the door, Jade stops you and says,

"Why are you leaving? Do you not wish to stay for the night? There is an extra bed in the guestroom."

"Yes, thank you. I cannot thank you enough, Jade." You say, turning back into Jade's House.

As you awaken in the morning, breakfast is already prepared for you. After you eat, you thank Jade for her delicous food, for letting you stay, and for her hospitality.


The next night, after many fights with the wild goblins, you lie down to rest, only to be startled by goblin screeches. You follow the screams, to see what is going on.

As you part the high grass to see what's going on, you are amazed at what you see.


You see Jade standing with one foot on a goblins neck, and then she cuts it's head off. She quickly sheathes her sword, pulls her bow, along with three arrows, shoots them all at once, and lands all three arrows in the head of one goblin. She pulls another arrow, quickly casts a spell on it to make it flame, and fires it at a Goblin. He catches on fire, and quickly dies. The rest of the goblins retreat into the woods.


Quite amazed, you walk up to her to greet her. She looks at you, and smiles.


(Sorry for the long story)


Name: Jade

Sex: Female

Race: Dark Elf

Class: Azura's Servant


Jade's master, Azura, has blessed her with beauty, grace, and also skill with a blade, bow and also spells. However invincible she may seem, Azura also gave her another blessing... or curse, shall I say? If Jade ever does anything unpleasant in Azura's eye, her powers will go away, until she has repented.


Jade's History is known by noone except Jade, and also Azura.

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A young Dunmer named Mak'Narah approaches you. His father was ;ost in the ruins of Ald Sotha, and his mother was killed by an Orc Army. He trained himself to be strong enough to find his father, and is now one of the greatest spellcasters in the world. Before his father was lost, he gave Mak'Narah his legendary, powerful and ancient wand.

Name: Mak'Narah.

Class: Pure Mage.

Weapons: his potent magic, his uberwand.

smells of: cheddar.

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Introducing Luna


Race: Dark Elf

Class: Battlemage

Sign: The Lady

Weapon of Choice: Enchanted Ebony Shortsword

Armor of Choice: Indoril


A talented warrior from the city of Vivec. Losing both her parents at the young age of 8, she would find shelter at local guilds where she became skilled in weapons, magic and thievery. She is a leading member of the Morag Tong Guild and her vast skills are feared by her enemies. Wielding an Ebony Shortsword and a full set of Indoril armor, which she recieved after killing a Vivec Ordinator, Luna is a force to be reckoned with.

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Introducing Faust:

Name: Faust

Pronounced: F-aw-st

Age: 21

Sex: Male

Race: Dark Elf

Class: Thief


Weapon of Preference: Dark Short Sword.


Other Weapons: Almost any projectiles except for a bow or Xbow.


Fighting Tactics: Extremely agile and acrobatic. Has throwing knifes in each of his boots. Throwing stars on his belt. Uses sword the majority off the time, but if he needs to get his point across, will use throwing daggers, and stars.


Attitude: The friendly type. Keeps emotions private, always seems happy though he isnt always.

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Introducing Adam Neko

Name: Adam Neko

Pronounced: Ad-um Neh-ko

Age: 21 (Human years, or at least looks it)

Race: Khajiit

Mastered Class: Duelist

Gender: Male, as if it wasn't easy to figure

Weapon: Enchanted Steel Saber

Armor: None


Battle Tactic: Move swiftly, penetrate chinks in armor, strike critically when possible, assist others by flanking targets.


Personality: Calm, quiet, passionate in relationships. In battle, calculating, cold, and ruthless. Flashy to say the least, but that's just style.

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Introducing Marshall Fambaway

Name: Marshall Fambaway (prefers Marsh)

Pronounced: Mar-shi-al Fam-buh-wei

Age: 20

Race: Imperial

Mastered Class: Mercenary/Freelancer

Gender: Male

Weapon: Ebony Broadsword

Armor: Indroil


Battle Tactics: Hit hard, fast, and quietly when possible. Occasionally use magic. Attack from the flanks or six. Better still, from the air.


Personaility: Can be rude to those who give him s*** and kind to those who're kind back. Generally weird and strange. But can also be mature when the situation calls for it.

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Name: Naerc :angry2:

Race: Orc

Sex: Male


My weapon of choice is a Daedric War Axe With a fire enchantment to kick those stupid vampires. I love the dark deep places, and killing those that live there. :nazgul: :rip: I'm a barbarian and proud of it!!

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