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Introducing Fakk






Weapons of Choice:Big Sword, Crossbow



Personality: Only trusts four people: Thomas, Augusta, Garret and Vidar.

My own made up class yyaahh!




Fakk walks in and sits at a table away from the rest of the bar and points to the barkeep. The barkeep tosses over some Vampiric dust and Fakk pulls out a Mortar and Pestle and gets some other ingrediants and mixes them together.

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Urik followed the dark lady into the bar, and sat down, high on skooma and already drunk on ale.


"What's your policy on drugs here, barkeep?" Preacher begins to answer, but Urik interrupts him, rudely. "Don't mind if I do," Urik states, and pulls a satchel of powdered moon sugar from his pocket. He quickly cuts a few lines on the polished bar, and snorts them through an ebony straw. Urik shows the straw to everyone in the bar, and starts speaking rapidly. The moon sugar was working on him. "Won this in a bet from a moonsugar dealer, had it handcrafted by someone or other. Only one of its kind, worth a bundle, too. Hey, nice dagger..." Urik is distracted by a fellow patron's silver dagger, and lapses into silence, not asking if he can take it to look at but doing so anyway.

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