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From Day Dreams of a Spaced Out old Man comes


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Strange crystal sphere!


Interview with a member of Focus Sessions!


I remember a documentary about another Pyramid too. A story about some research done with sensitives that were taken out to its location on board a ship.


What did they learn from their heightened sense of awareness? What could they make of what could not be studied by the usual means of underwater equipment back then?


Psychics reported a beacon on the top of the pyramid which was bright then faded returned to a bright glow in a strobing manner.


Is there a large pyramid Underground between Mt. Mckinley and Nome, Alaska?


A television show got my attention because I was alone after work. No place I went gave me any strong family ties to speak of. The variety of mystery television shows intrigued me, but they did not hold a candle to, "One Step Beyond"



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I am connecting the dots just how many under water places there is, the flood they speculate happened 14000 years ago, and most of the archeological finding only date as far as 14000 years ago. its almost a coincidence at best. i think it was a global disaster that shook the very foundation of earth. I have a much deeper idea what could of happened back then, almost seems intentional to bury the past.

there is really advanced ancient source maps that still exist, and proof of such civilization.

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The trash argument is a good one


This is a just the tipping point, What i have done was try to connect today's events with the past.



remember the great shaft mystery in the pyramid


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You linked up with the underground passages. Alright!


Now, that hand sketched map with a massive hole going underground at the North Pole I saw, it isn't so unreal.


Also the caverns where tourist were said to have become lost and saw other people across a vast underground canyon isn't as far fetched either.


It was written that they got into another passage and saw other people across a vast canyon. The story I recall reported that they went back again with friends and found the entrance they had taken by mistake blocked off. The guides said nothing of interest was beyond there. They were told they could not go in there because it got closed it because of a collapse. The author suggested the guide clearly was telling a pack of lies to keep people out of the cavern.


If the newspaper would have printed the facts about such a large cavern It is likely it would have gained just as much attention if they had left all the money grubbing sensationalism out of the newspaper.


They might have gained more advertisement purchases from Tour Guide companies which would have given the newspaper the extra cash and served them better for making the, "truth which is stranger fiction" worth mentioning.


Tourist would still have flocked to see the great underground, Secret or otherwise underground, if the stories in the papers weren't so far fetched that gave people a sense they would rather flock to Disneyland instead.


I'll find that ancient article in the French news clips again.


I am sure the story may surface again too, in someone else's post, one of these days.

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its the greatest science fiction story ever told. If you dig deep it goes beyond anything you possibly could imagine.

When you look up stuff like this, you end up getting weird anomalous findings like this??/ :blink:



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Skyrims giants herding wooly mammoths are spectacular examples of one theory of giants existence. Now that footprint in granite is another bit of proof to add to the amazing, truth is stranger than fiction, facts. The number of YouTubes are so great that it would take a lifetime to review them all.


It's fun finding the ones that can shed some light on the work from people who studied history we all don't have time to and than crafted theories into videogames. That's one of the main reasons I played MORROWIND. MORROWIND has collections of books with titles of scholastic works that can be found in bookstores, libraries, and on the Internet. The MORROWIND copies were parts of the actual work, like clip notes for study. I have several books, I own, that the titles of were used on the books in MORROWIND.


And I have seen some others and read the books entire written words.



Great video examples! Thorl

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Did evolution turn and turn again, and again, this planet is very, i mean very old. One of the greatest mystery of the past is the one not told, our magnetic field will continue protecting this planet till the time when the star dies. just how many times has it happened. questioning just how old our species really is. Evolution did happen, just not the way scientists telling you, or ignored by false theories still to this day was never proven, but actually disproved so many ways. Science is the only way to get around such thinking. Just science alone because it leads to facts.


Remember that footprint was as big as a person today, just how big would you recall such person to be, only if the conditions was right i would presume.

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Good question's! It would be nice if your timeline markers, mapping the events more accurately, survived and were discovered to be more precise mapping out the Earths history.


From what I've seen of your post's here you're leaning toward historical records that take a view along a sensible path. Adding the markers to a timeline of your own is a good idea.


Your path to focus upon what you propose as the Earths Timeline could than be put on a stencil sheet and placed so we could see the other timeline mapping of history under it with yours and view a more complete timeline chart.


You're adding new positive connections to the timeline. Some of which some scientist of other schools of thought still disagree on. They disagree on what should be installed on their descriptions of their timeline charts. If you see something connects in their timeline you could copy their timeline and add your points between the mappings stuff you see fits in between theirs and make it so in your updated map of the Earths present timeline.


We public sorts who spent enough time studying in colleges or universities should care about what home schooled students of life have learned too. The shared information can help form our own fact based information to complete the timeline passages along our Earths Peoples journey.


Keep adding stuff, it is clear that there are points within your theme that give facts to the timeline. Your stuff will make a real interesting mapping out of just your own timeline mapping which you've developed.


It would be kind of cool to take your own personal timeline information and use it on one of those computer map tools I've seen where they place one mapping over an older version to see how much more the two maps, in this case your timeline map, complete each other.

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