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From Day Dreams of a Spaced Out old Man comes


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Come to think of it, my Father was a freaking master Sci fi story teller when i was young, in a tent he would call fourth his mental capacity and tell a story of the ages. Camping was never boring :laugh: :teehee:, althoug he never brought any of it to the masses. He tried and his mind failed him sadly, gave up.

Makes you wonder sometimes :confused:

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You had a true storyteller. :woot: Grand! :thumbsup: We could not live without their kind. :no: People need stories to live. :yes: Especially with the kind of storytellers who sit inside or outside telling the story to a crowd (whether they have a tent or not) and tell the stories to us. :yes:


It's Sunday, Why not?!


That makes you and I a member of the lucky listeners club. We might even be a storyteller inside or outside a tent one day!


I think I will go looking for a storyteller today.

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Planning a vacation to visit the wide open spaces?


Or just going through the halls down to the nearest vendor to get something to eat?


Why the People of Earth are having so much difficulty getting to another planet might be the bigger question that should be on our minds.


Maybe we are still thinking about getting married and having a BIG family? :ohmy: I know I am! :blush:


Or is it because some smart people are content to live in cages? :ohmy:


My plans in the works? :ermm:

Hmm? :geek:


Yesterday I read a couple of interesting stories on Medium. One about Hong Kong, and another story about The Price of Modern Life is Depression and Loneliness?


I think the author of about The Price of Modern Life is Depression and Loneliness? might have been wise to read the one about Hong Kong first. Just looking at a picture of some of the big cities, and knowing what I know from living in a few looking for work, helps me understand my own status and wellbeing.


In these electronic modern times, "How could anyone living in a Microsize building complex be lonely?" :sad:


If the thought of adjusting your Micro Dwelling doesn't excite you; maybe living in a Hong Kong Cage inside one of the big cities Micro size dwelling would go easier on your budget. :pinch:


If you want to refresh our reasons for traveling to Mars and colonizing it look at some of the most recent pictures of the Coruscant style living spaces.


***** How long will it be before someone outside of Disney Productions discovers a way to "Shrink the Kids"? *****


After I gave my fellow cubicle lovers a look to see if they were poking their noses into the squares around the cages to excite their neighbor I moved along.


In the video game, "Borderlands 2", my Axton charactor fought a bunch of intellectuals camping out who were between him and a zany mad scientist who had a rocket launcher that really has some fire power, and fires up the enemies too, and I reached lvl 35. I completed another quest that included a wedding between the two feuding families, then I watched the movie, "Ragnorak". :yes: Good single father who is an Archaeologist with two happy children and a big... Think Skyrim! :tongue: Well... I don't want to spoil the fun if you decide to watch it.


Time to get back to wondering where my spaceship is and continue my quest for living with people the way we are, before I get Lonely and Depressed again.

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Another quiet evening with the television light on so the ghosts have something to do while I rest up to play another day will have to do.


Autumn stirs and reminds us to become still, prepare for other people seeking our company who'd rather be out and about during the warmer weather.


How Earth reminds me that I must wash off the dust from the last gathering. :sweat: Even a note from those who provide sprinklers I can use to bath threaten with demands to turn off that water line this year. If I don't meet their demands.


It reminds me of a skit put on by some players. I will lay it out in the shorter version.


Evil Torturer, "Sign the contract old man!"

Old Man, "I can't!"

Evil Torturer, "Why can't you sign the contract old man?!"

Old Man, "Because... You have broken all of my fingers on both of my hands."


I must, I must trust I trust to become the laird of this which is always there; under my mind, beneath my feet, and getting into my hair.


Earth humbles me no matter how hard I try to control this stuff. So, laird it is over me, and it gets all over me before I know it.


I wash it off to remind me that when I do I find the comforts of my thin skin.
When I do that my light shines so others see the warm glow and think me a hovel for them to get to know. More so when Autumn begins to cool. All else they've come to be take company with and moved nearer to grow cold. It is then that I become an attraction again as my warm space glows out within.


Autumn is when we all should pass the time chatting as we roam south with the crowd. Is it not so, to want to be more mobile and alive?


In my opinion, winter dear friends only makes homes for those who are too slow to crawl out of their grave state of mind. :tongue:


Happy Holidays!

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Ah dream sleep. The crowd was thicker than I remember. The vendors along the side of buildings along the road near my post waved their hands shouting out what about the wares they have to trade. I did not see my fate yet as it crept secreted, alone, in among the ballads of vendors.


I knew my future! It was to trade off some of my wares so I could afford some other things I cared for. I had not pondered my future beyond that, because the past seem to constantly bite me on the...


Ask me what I thought before my destiny drew the line for me to see what was on the approach toward my post?


Country wares? Collard greens for me?


All I had to do was sell two strands of my vineyards grapes and the collard green would be mine.


While I called out for attention to the fine grapes hanging inside my umbrella some children near by sang. Before you get hit with bucket of... I yelled out, "Grapes". The childrens words sang louder for a moment, "be sure to close your eyes." I saw my fate coming at me. My knees bent to meet Deaths approach.


I bowed in terror at the site of the robe with the empty hood with his sickle raised up prepared to swipe me off my feet.

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I heard a scream. Thinking it was my own mouth I pulled in my arms so I could use my hands to pat my face. My mouth was closed.


"I'm alive!" came out of my mouth in a stifled whisper.


I opened my eyes to look to see what mess I had to clean up. I wondered if I had died and not yet realized it. My well worn leather shoes were still poking out under the gray slightly frayed cuffs of my trousers. I blinked once, raised my head, and looked quickly into the street. Before me was a small child with her back to me.


She screamed.


I looked at the road in front of her trying to see what caused her to be upset so. My own heart beat rapidly. I turned to unlatch my umbrella. I lowered it down so I could move without falling and breaking it. The grapes all dangled over my shoulders above my chest along the rim of the closed fringe. I moved in to the left of the little girl and looked ahead.


I reached out with my hand and touched her left shoulder to assure her she was not alone. She raised her right arm extending her hand and pointed a finger.


I looked down the road to see where she pointed.

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My eyes began to focus then something bumped into my heels. My knees sagged and I twisted my arms back to use my hands to protect the back of head. No one was behind me. I looked down to see. There at my heels was a head. I saw blades flashing excited on the ground. They appeared covered in blood, their shiny exposed steel rippling in the light. I grabbed at the head pinching hard on the sides, and lifted it to see it up close. and my hand came up with large green leaves. I stepped aside dragging the little girl with me to avoid the knife flitting about cutting the air. My eyes cleared a bit so I could see a bundle carrots rolled to a stop next to the remains of the head of lettuce.


I grabbed at the lettuce and carrots. More leaves peeled away in my hand from the head. I stuff some of them in my mouth, swiftly snatched some more. I shoved them into the little girls mouth as she began to open it to scream again.


I picked up the blades of carrot and the rest of the head of lettuce and tucked them in my tunic top along with the grapes.


The girls shock was stifled a bit. It gave me more time to act. I heard the pounding thunder and felt the road trembling at my feet. I grabbed the girls arm. I took her up and carried her to the grate near the corner. I used a booth the guard slept in for cover. I was trembling, my knees shaking, and I did not have any reason as of yet to understand why.


The thunder died. A riot of vendors screams broke the momentary silence. A woman dashed forth and the little girl raised her arms. The woman scouped her up and ran to the safety of the street ahead. I could see all was clear there so I followed until I reached the wall where I secreted myself away to catch my breath.


I darted a look around the corner checking to see what mayhem had caused all the woes. I pulled up my hood over the top of the telescope tip of the umbrella neatly hiding it behind my head. I pull upon my fake beard hiding a chin strap inside. It drew out the rope holding my robe up above my trousers.


I darted another look around the corner of the wall.


The reason for all the commotion stirred in the crowd continuing to make a mess of the remaining vendors. The persons movement masked their appearance.


My fear focused me on getting away. My feet barely stood solidly on the ground. My mind held me though. I did not really want to waste anymore time there, but my eyes searched ahead for a moment, just a brief pause in the action, to see if the danger stood still so I could make out what or who it was. Instinctively I reached into my robe. I pulled out a carrot. I looked at it, "What a scare you gave me. Oh well... Beggars can't be choosers." I snapped off half the carrot with my teeth.


I peeked around the corner again.


I needed to know if there was any chance someone was after me.


My feet stayed my position as commanded. I darted another look around the corner. The dust settled for a moment and the reason the little girl screamed, so, became clear.

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On another planet, in another city, among a group of people stands a five foot six inch tall woman with her dark brown hair tied in braids, dressed in a custom made suit with vestments of brown leather to protect the silver gray armor and give it some color.

"We've lost another emitter on Earth commander!"

The frown on her face strained the crows wrinkles around her eyes.

The woman looked at the holo-image maps of the old planet. It stirred memories of long ago. The vision of her home planet becoming visible shook her to the depths of her soul. She turned on her mobile. Commander Carrie Satele here, "I request a ship to go back to Aetlantes.

We must establish another emitter and transponder.

Our last has been discovered by the people there. If we don't establish another before they break through the inner chamber all we worked for to protect them will be lost. The safety of our home planet depends on the shields we put up."

The image of Aelidan stood four inches in height on the mobile pod she held. "Carrie, I've already sent a special agent to task. I'm sorry I kept you out of the loop on this Carrie, but he is there now. We been working on it for weeks. Your old friends last report came in. He has discovered private citizens are responsible for a dig site at the working emitter.

We cannot control their efforts without exposing our intentions. Your old friend is going to get to the Northeast site upgrade the equipment there at the west by northwest of Dyathous on your map, where the statue of Zavid Mother of David stood."

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