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From Day Dreams of a Spaced Out old Man comes


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It might be a little more complex then a simple emitter, or some sort of Heartbeat of planet earth. Its not the first to be found.




is there a connection, let your imagination fly, you should dig deeper on the tubes. Things go beyond ones imagination if you dig deep enough. far beyond ones perception of there own reality. It becomes a mysterious path, One can wonder for as long as the interest persists..

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It's already yesterday where you live Thor.


There's this thing an inventor recently created. It's called a, "Lung Flute". Really cool thing is when a person blows on it, it plays at 16 Gigahertz. When a person who had congested lungs blows on it. Well...maybe you should look it up and see how it compares to that neat pyramid in Bosnia transmissions. Here! I'll even give you the link to it. >>> LUNG FLUTE <<< http://www.lungflute.com/

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Visual information is clearly the best way to share facts. The problem: All visible information which is discussed on in letters of discussion for the topic are not always provided Online on the Internet to add facts too which give more proof to the excavation of archaeology finds.


Someone putting their pictures on YouTube or providing images which are better for factual information exposes the images to people who artistically make fun of all scientific information because they like to play with images. It is best that the professionals data it not shared outside of the Archaeological.edu until it has been confirmed; in theory at least.


In response to, "Why can't we (Q Public) get more facts in the public domain of dot com: commercial sites; dot org: organizations, and photo video baring sites loaded with advertisement filled web addresses?"


Facts to prove the facts that are established for their supporters, whom give financial support too so the artifacts are properly cared for; are the two main requirements.


It is because of this Universities with facilities to study the findings and have a museum have a dual purpose. "Proof and expenses!"


Skyrim is in fiction based on many facts found of animal remains. Bones completely assembled to show all of many animals skeletons are available to be viewed.


Many ancient animals are in the peoples, of the universities, opinion, actual examples of living animals that existed a long time ago. For example: Saber Tooth Tigers, Wooly Mammoths, Giant humanoids, and a variety of other animal's and beings, which we believe no longer exist. They once roamed outside in among us on the planet Earth.


There are many museums with displays of artifacts. Bones of the animals, dried flesh, fur, hair, and the like of remains which remain for viewing in a museum.


An excellent example of the Paleontologist indoor work space, and their tool's, can be viewed in the state of Montana at the Museum of the Rockies. With many examples of the Paleontologists finds like the Triceratops.

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I'm not looking for conspiracies. I am looking for facts which you and I would recognize. All of us who see them would know them. The facts connect us.


The kind of facts in our lives we hold in all our own hearts and minds that we all will know to be true.


I know you know which facts I mean. That is what you have been collecting.


Now pick them out of the stream of your discoveries in your thoughts and begin to put the facts on display in their correct order.

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I managed to find many facts, its a messed up universe, when all comes down to it, it leads back to the human race, hence 360 but in a different light, if you understand where i am going at, things may not be what you think may be or not to be. The worlds changing, its only a matter of time.


Note none of this reflects religion or anything that resembles that respect, my mind is full of story connecting the dots, real life situations. But may be so mind blowing it shocks even me. :pinch: :pinch: Connecting the dots of human history in my mind :wacko: . It woks in strange ways.


Its all about he evidence, its what you see may make you think differently. All of this is all public knowledge on youtube, its just a matter of shuffling the lies from fact is the trick.


It gets to the point where i have to shove it into a locker back into my sub conscious for later use, its a fairly locked down system to. I have a special key that is tied to my key chain, but it ain't there really but it sure seems like it, but in my mind. :cool: I consider myself a genius puzzle solver, but only when the time comes.


I wish i could scrounge up some of that evidence, but even i can't consider typing that again, its to much to think about at this time.


It gets creepy.

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By the way, I told a few people about creepy facts that I had found. I told it to people who did not have a single interest like mine.


Suddenly they put on that face like I was crazy. I walked away. Later they came back and started talking. They realized they found someone else who they had something in common with. It's when all we look for is sensationalism we find a great discover, "Many people are tired of the sensationalism, like disinformation it is in greater supply and easier to swallow and forget, and many people want us to forget it ever happened.


You know the facts. They are a bundle of stuff that can be boring and dull. When you put them all together in a correct order all of sudden you have the sensational realization you've been looking for.


It's putting the facts together without fallout, without sleep taking you down the drowsy path, and finally looking at what you thought were a bunch of insignificant collages to see them in a way that they finally become the sensational item you were staring at all along. Because you suddenly realize what it is.


We spend more time hopping from one fact to another. Like a bunny we keep ignoring everything that isn't a carrot. Until we find that we are standing right in the place we were looking for. The carrot patch of our adventures. It just seemed ordinary and out right not interesting.


Put it all together, "The truth is stranger than fiction" has a greater meaning to you. All of a sudden a feeling of overwhelming joy and mental shock set in and if we lose consciousness from lack of sleep it could be gone when we wake up. If we were smart we set our work up so we had all the bread crumbs we gathered photographed and cataloged so we don't get lost like Hansel and Gretel.


When we wake up it will all still be right there with the shining knowledge waiting for us to look at it when we are refreshed.


If you discover something and don't want to share it, you don't need to share it. The rest of us who are looking for it will see an anointed part you left behind, and we'll follow it like a baby that has seen candy.


Share it when you've got it and the world will wake up a notch adding your part to their collection and we'll see a completed lead. Than we may take a step, a leap, and all parts laying around will be attracted to each other as if they were all magnetized. Another great lead!

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You stated you've collected much more than you reposted.


Do you intend to join the parts to see if any of them will fit together?


If you don't display them in a way that makes them more plausible as a bigger picture they will become like the bones of a dinosaur waiting for someone to find another piece to connect them all.


Do you believe, "All good things come to those who wait."

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The Movies it reminds me of.


Prometheus in a down to earth way, if you believe in evolution which i still do but not in a lateral sense, not in the way mainstream shows us.


You know that Ancient alien stuff on history channel, its something like that, but they way they push that stuff is nothing like what i have connected the dots in a more realistic fashion with evidence to back it up.


they may be on to something, but i have more peaces to the puzzle then any of them, its going from science to sci fi, but why you may ask why is that. More questions and answers may need to be answered. just a matter of time before a big find on Earth will rock the very foundations of mainstream Science. Just like that Bosnian pyramid, it could be right in front of you. Literally.

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