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Why is no one making my mod request? The reality.


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When you request a mod you have to realize this forum is more of a mod ideas forum.


Truth be told the chance of your mod being made is beyond extremely slim as most mod makers are busy with their own projects and ideas are a dime a dozen with every one thinking theirs is "teh bestest idea eveh!".


If you really want your idea come to life you are best to learn how to mod yourself.

Check out the nexus wiki and Google for many very helpful guides to get you started.


Things to keep in mind when starting to make mods for the first time.


  • Start small, do not jump into wanting to make a complete overhaul with no mod making experience.


  • Realize it can be time consuming but rewarding in the end.


  • You do not have to release every small mod and change you make, a lot of the time they have probably already been done.


  • Mod for yourself, not for fame and glory but because you want something and will hopefully enjoy it.



In regards to mod teams, if you are thinking about doing a large project and attempting to recruit others to help.


  • Do some work beforehand beyond just the idea/concept, people want to see you can actually contribute to a team you are trying to form.

If you just come with an idea and no real preexisting work done the only people you will get wanting to help will just have ideas and no experience to.


  • Realize that it is very common for teams that do get off the ground to not go anywhere either, be it differences of opinions and direction to disliking other members.



Good luck and have fun modding is the main thing though!



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Before it is locked, I would just like to say how I, as a modder, use this forum. In my opinion people should view this area as a way to pitch ideas in a collaborative fashion with other creative people. I read mod suggestions frequently and if an idea strikes me I might take it and make it just as suggested, but more likely I will tweak it and develop it more in a direction that appeals to me. So even though you might not get exactly the mod that you are looking for, but your idea might serve as inspiration for somebody like me. I have a larger project that I have been working on for some time that has incorporated at least a half dozen mod ideas originally inspired by suggestions here.


So anyway, I would like to express my appreciation to folks who share their good ideas. Even though you may not get exactly what you want out of the deal, you are contributing to the community just by sharing your creativity and opinions.

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@ navyboy253 - you seem to have completely missed the point of this topic. It is NOT a mod request topic - we already have one of those where you can ask for anything - this is explaining why you may not get what you want. Please post your request in the Skyrim mod request forum where it belongs.


Your request has been hidden so as to not clutter the topic with stuff that belongs somewhere else.


BTW - try the search function before making a request - I found about 30 mods that may be what you asked for.

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@Erikmurito - please actually READ the previous post. :pinch:

This is NOT the place to request mods. There is actually an entire section here dedicated to requesting mods - Use that instead of hijacking someone elses topic.


Your post has been removed just like the previous one and for the same reason.

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A problem with a community like this is that there is no uniformity to anything that goes on. People just 'do what ever they want' and in the end what we find are many hundreds of mods that really arent worth anything, sorry to say...


On the other hand, if modders were to get organized and set up a system of modding not only would all the extreme conflicts of many mods not happen as often but the need for patchs would be addressed much faster.


Ideally if there was a kind of template system in which different aspects of the game were corralled into compartments and each compartment was treated as a whole item them modding this or that aspect of the game would be more productive rather than making one mod that touches half the game and trying to figure out where that weird thing floating in the sky came from...


Put it in these terms. Graphics is its own compartment, while animations often play a role in graphics they are both totally different objects. If all graphic modding was centralized then you would have the collective development of all mods in one place allowing you to pick and choose what aspects you want and slap it all together into a specialized package. Then once you like the way it looks you can then go to animations and build a package there that suits the desired effects.


Normally each mod is a stand alone with its own graphics and animations assembled which most of the time are fixed and do not allow the end user to change it without making a new version of the mod themselves. But by making different things modular and pooling the resources in one place it could be very easy to get a well polished product that can be altered great or small to the end users desired outcome.


Just my thoughts on the matter.

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On the other hand, if modders were to get organized

So, we should form some kind of modders guild? :psyduck: Appoint leaders and form a committee to set rules that all modders MUST follow or suffer some consequences?


"You, modder number 37685 failed to follow directive 37. The punishment for that is drawing and quartering." :pinch:

Nah, I don't think that is exactly what you had in mind. :whistling:


What you really want is some kind of standardization - and it's just not going to happen overnight as nearly every modder wants to do things their own way - this is a characteristic of creative people. They resent being told how to be creative and if you try to force it, they will intentionally do it different. :tongue:


"MY way is better because I like it better than YOUR way." :ermm: - Who decides which way is the 'one' right way? You? Me? ( I don't want that job) some unknown faceless committee that makes up directive 37 which must be obeyed?


Yes it would be nice if everyone adhered to the same standards. Or even some standards. :rolleyes: And there is some effort in that direction. We try to have recommended standards, but modders are just too independent - it's like herding cats.


Then we have the SDK (CS, CK, GECK, or whatever they call it for each game) - every game is different and has a different way that things have to be done and no rules come with any of them - so standardization between games is out the window. :confused:


One of these days we are going to get organized. But today isn't that day. And tomorrow isn't looking too good either. :teehee:


We are always open to suggestions as to how things can be done better, but hard and fast rules just won't work in a community like this one. :smile:

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Modders already follow some standard rules and there are pages and pages and pages that have been written about best practices both in plugin design in general and in mods specifically and even for each game. Most mods do generally deal with one area at a time, or at least they try to touch the fewest possible resources for the scope of their mod. This is a good thing to my mind but we get a thread about once a month from somebody complaining that there are no complete overhauls for Skyrim like OOO for Oblivion.


It's true that there will never be complete standardization but I'm honestly rather perplexed by this comment because already mods that alter animations are almost always separate from mods that alter textures and mods that alter visual effects. Frankly I can't think of any mod that does any two of those things let alone all three, so I'm not entirely sure what this poster is on about.

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