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Why is no one making my mod request? The reality.


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I'm in the process of setting up a general q and a mod discord. We already have a bunch of stickies with tutorial links (and there are lots of sticky threads on these boards for the same thing go check them) and i will hopefully be doing some live stream question answer sessions and lessons. I'll share the link when all is ready.




The discord link is now in my signature.

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Ever thought of merging all the best spell mods in one? Removing/twerking some spells. To make it even better for role players. Like path of the antimage to bloodmagic.


I know no one will do this hahaha. I'm not even a mod creator can't even create a light armored tavern cloth.

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If nobody responds here, you may have to pm a modder and request it directly. You are more likely to get a response that way. Speaking from experience here.


If they say yes, you are good to go. If no, then you can ask him/her to recommend a modder who might be able to help or just keep asking around until you get a yes response.


Keep in mind, there is a chance you may have to pay the modder a commission to fulfill your request unless you can find someone willing to do it for free.

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