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Why is no one making my mod request? The reality.


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That sounds like quitter talk bub! P_P

You should follower after Shia Lebuff's video and simply just see what can be done. :/


I am not a modder, and STILL got some almost 60 endorsements. I didn't buy them things, or beg for them.

Or try to prove myself, or try to make people bow before me like an overlord.

My secret is simply that I gave everybody friend endorsements, and gave them endorsements first.

They really didn't have to even make a mod, they just had to be friendly and a pleasant company.


Have you ever simply thought of being friendly to people just cuz you want to be a friend?


And yes, I am ALWAYS on the nexus. Always.........always.

I have over 100 friends.

And I have absolutely no clue how to mod.

I am working on a book mod though, human.


Writing is my thing. I can write a 700 page poem no problem. Don't believe me.

Check out my blog at Cascadialegends.wordpress.com


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I am not a modder, and STILL got some almost 60 endorsements.


60 endorsements...whoaaa! That really impressed me until I realized...


Thats why presets are everywhere


that these presets you are making fun of are getting lots and lots of endorsements. So by now even you should know what your endorsements you are obviously so proud of are worth.

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Also, let me just say this, becauae it does seem like all you want to do ia argue. I will not.


I am NOT making fun of, or criticizing mod authors, i have many friends that are mod authors, and i am cool with all of the them, i simply have a opinion on some modders, and some of the arrogant actions of some, also let me state it more than once, some, some, some, some, such as you who clearly only want to argue and get mad at other people such as myself.


I. Will. Not. argue with you.


I simply stated how i felt.

This is why i am indeed leaving it at that.

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Even so, you would think that SOMEONEâ who is experienced would be looking through these.


Why would anyone waste their time. It's like searching thru a pile of crap to find something worth saving.

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