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15 hours ago, Crowley9 said:

I am looking for a mod I had years back which added a bunch of little visual effects to the game, similar to Uncut Wasteland. One effect I remember in particular was that when you looted a leg from a mantis corpse, it would actually gib the leg of the corpse's model.

I think that's a vanilla feature tbf, happens in my game too and all I have installed in Jsawyer, Any other effects you can remember?

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On 2/23/2024 at 11:33 PM, LTSXtreme said:


Is there any mod that modifies the Follower's Outpost in the railways near Camp Golf, you know; the one that looks small from the outside but once you enter you find it has like another room with beeds and more space than it seems.

I appreciate the help.

Isn't that Follower's Outpost from a mod?

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