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PC Gaming versus Console- The Reasons to Switch


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Consoles could go down the same route as phones with yearly or bi-yearly upgrades, people are willing to fork out for new flagship phones at that rate so maybe they will for consoles too?

Considering that consoles are actually CHEAPER than some of those phones, that really wouldn't surprise me.

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Still can't believe some "smart" people I know are slaves to consoles. The thing is that they have never even thought about modding their games. The inevitable question from them every time I bring it up is "Yeah, but isn't it hard to mod pc games?" and I keep telling them that it's not! The other concern is that not all games on console are available for pc. Very damn few games have not been ported to pc. So I just don't get why they won't at least give it a try? I know they probably have a decent pc or laptop anyway. All they would need to do is spend some cash to buy a good graphics card, buy a fun game on Steam or gog (most on sale from time to time) that has decent mod support, read a few articles or watch some vids on how to mod it, download a mod or two from here and "BAM!"- they're hooked for life! :laugh:


I mean what appeal is there to a vanilla game on console when you can mod the sh*t out of it on pc at very low extra cost and trouble? I always hated the limitations in my favorite games imposed by their creators. Wouldn't one look at someone's heavily modded Skyrim, Fallout 4, and so many others be enough to convince ppl? I know it was for me. :wink:


We must spread the word to the ignorant masses! Help break the stranglehold the console devs have on the market! :woot: :woot: :D :D

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In the big picture, it doesn't matter to me.. since consoles are going to drag down my PC experience no matter what. I just have to live with it and be happy to just half-way improve things on PC. I don't feel like I'm at that much of an advantage over console users. Devs will always give consoles priority and cut down features in the base version of their games that ends up affecting PCs. And no amount of modding can truly improve it.


For example, Skyrim can't truly have open city spaces. Sure, you can have an Open Cities mod, but the damage is already done when the default wasn't built that way. Modding an open city causes all kinds of compatibility issues, since it renames the city spaces to the "Skyrim" worldspace. And few want to patch every individual mod to rename spaces the way Open Cities does. If the game had already been built with open spaces in mind, this would be a non-issue.


You could say this for all cells and anything requiring a loading screen. If this was a PC only game, little of this would have been necessary.


Not to mention that these cities are so small to begin with.. They're like "symbolic" cities that belong in some Lego toy set. They don't resemble cities at all. And no amount of modding can expand the space. You can only make it more detailed.. but you can't make Whiterun 3, 4... 10 times the size. Not without breaking everything outside.. and then having to expand the whole world itself. And even then, you need special mods to open borders and expand those spaces. No mere plugin will do it.


Some things are much easier to improve.. like individual models, textures, and such. But any kind of design decision that was system wide can never truly be improved.


The only way out of this is if Microsoft realizes they've already lost the console war and totally devote their time to recreating a slick gaming experience for PC users. Rather than try to give people a "taste" of what PC gaming is like, they need to bring people to actual PCs instead. They will eventually lose the Xbox, but unlike Sony, they have a whole other platform here to take advantage of. Once (and if) they decide to truly back it, we'll see more PC games not taking so much crappy hardware into consideration.


On a sidenote, I'd even say this is all having detrimental effects on the gaming world in less obvious ways: Rather than wowing gamers with more and more depth and breadth, game companies focus on small crap to lure people in. The kind of junk found in loot boxes, like weapon variety, different clothing and armor meshes and such. They don't seem either able or willing to enrich their gaming worlds anymore than with this small stuff. And flashiness in games is relegated to just more "bells and whistles". Things that don't push a system very much.. like DoF, lighting, spell effects, etc.. If we are to truly experience "next gen gaming", everything would be much BIGGER. Not just all of this small stuff looking prettier. This is a distraction, to make us think things are improving. They are not.

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There are no loading screens in The Witcher 3 and that was made for console- wasn't it? Wonder why Beth and others have so many in their games? Beth seems guilty of milking an aging engine till it's last gasp. The current trend by most devs seems to be to produce a game at a smaller cost to them and hoping no one notices the drop in quality in the gaming community. Most pc gamers see it clearly. But, It seems rather easy to keep kiddos entertained on console with flashing lights/bells and whistles and keep that money rolling in while mostly ignoring the pc gaming community.


Mods could be the deciding factor in this. Game devs realize this as well and have tried to bring mods to console. The gaming community on the whole should be growing up and realizing that they have been being spoon fed baby-gaming formula for years. They will make the switch....eventually. Then the devs will be harder pressed to produce quality games again.

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Here's how I see it.

If consoles were that good on their own, they wouldn't need a busload of "Console Exclusive Games" in order to manufacture a reason the buy a console, if games were released to ALL platforms, and if consoles were released with no exclusives, people would more often than not, just buy the game for their PC, rather than to buy an entire Console Setup just for some new flashy "Console Exclusive" games.

Console Makers are creating the "need" for consoles by making Console Exclusive games, because they know, on their own, competing against a PC, with games released across all Platforms, the console sales would fail miserably.

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