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How old are you?


How old are you?  

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  1. 1. How old are you?

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Human's. They are all so open about their age. I wonder what an outworlder would think about that?


Of course there is a high chance of probability anyone advanced enough to travel to other planets, or has a physical difference other than human, that they, probably wouldn't want to hang around with a bunch of humans. :teehee: :turned: :tongue: :laugh:

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I am a 32 year old, soon will be 33 ( in october month ).





I also enjoy the month of October as a start date. On the 13th of Libra, I turn 72. Because I have a roughly 40 year advantage on you, I offer one tidbit of dubious wisdom. Growing old is mandatory, sometimes especially when younger, this process seems to take forever. Other times we remember something and say, did That really happen "so long ago" ? Then we come to the flip side, actually growing up, this as it turns out is almost completely optional. We do have control of this to some extent, with the curious ability to learn new things. Using that metric I have barely started. I've been told by several foretellers that I'm a New soul, the life lines on my hands don't seem to end, they continually branch out into smaller pathways like a fractal reflection. I've come to the conclusion that I am pupa, I grow closer to my first cocoon stage, but am in no hurry, content learning some of the things that will be valuable in my adult life. I do wonder what I will be like in my future incarnations.

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If I could I would start growing good food. At 71 my old body is complaining because it is difficult to find fresh food if I don't garden and grow it myself.


I would prefer selling good food to people. That way I would always get a good meal when I need one.


71 ?


But you were 72 a year ago ?


It's Ok though Paga ... I know you have some memory issues amongst your need to type your story ;)

And of course mee too ... but how bouts we try it again ... Weaving your story ~ Ya I still thinks you got the shism ~

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