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How old are you?


How old are you?  

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I realize the body I am wearing with the clothes added to the birthday suit has been decreed as 71. Now that I know it's just a suit for my Soul to wear so I don't go around in my Soul naked as a J-Bird I even feel the same as I did another time, just being me. Yup! It seems to upset all the other people when I am just being me. They didn't give me a prompt or a copy of the actors script dialog so I could practice being any person or any age.


Often I was told to Act your age, not your IQ! When I wasn't aware of what those words meant. Act brave! Act like a man! Act, act, ACK!


I feel so much better now that I can just be me without fear of someone shouting like a prompter does when I forget my lines, or a stage caller saying 5 minutes!


I am a young soul. I have a body and it's mine. I have a body that started out as naked as my soul only it can be changed, dressed, diapered, and painted up so it can look a lot like a Doll on stage pretending to be a baby. Or left in the wrinkled, naked state, undressed down to my shorts that looks like an old man!


Today! I am keeping my body looking like it is and just being me for the whole day!

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I liked being 17 so much I stayed there.

Too bad my body didn't agree and it aged....


When people are 20, they think 60 is a

long way away, but when they hit 60, they

are amazed how fast the last 40 years went....

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I am not saying that I am really old but I did warn Eve about biting into that apple!

I'm still mad at myself for planting that damn tree.



I think I have enough fuel for my vehicle to get to another universe before the cleaning probes come and wipe your lifeboat out of existence in this galaxy.

I'm still hopping from one galaxy to another before the cleaning probes wipe out the ones nearest to where I have been scavenging from your wastelands.


There's one thing better then growing old. It is traveling faster than the speed of light so I can get some fantastic stories from each galaxy whose aging members are the families on the planets they use for lifeboats, and I am still almost19 years old while you all age and fade into the dust of the Universes.


Look out for that dust that is sailing your planets way. Dust the size of asteroids and comets. It's a sign the cleaning probes are at work just outside your universe.

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I'm halfway to 47 right now. My god where does the time go? I remember playing games older than some of the people in this thread. The 80's and 90's were a good time for gaming and I technically got my home system start with the Atari 2600 in 1984. I officially started in the old gaming arcades in 1982 and 1983 though.

I remember the Christmas I got a Sega Genesis, even though it wasn't my first foray into gaming my gaming routine actually started back in the days of the old Arcade games and I remember playing the arcade version of Xevious when that was a NEW title in 1983 and in 1984 going to League Bowling Night with mom and dad where I would feed that machine 5 dollars in quarters a weekend. The sound of bowling pins being knocked over and the odors of beer, coffee and cigarette smoke wafting a haze around the alley while I was happily dying for the 9 millionth time in Xevious. I was DEVASTATED when they replaced that machine after a year and a half.

Now we have people that love games so much they create free mods for us all to enjoy. I can definitely say, in all the various permutations of gaming playing with either a Atari 2600, or a awesome little home system called the Vectrex, released in the early 80's up to a span of 36 years I played Arcades, Vectrex, Atari 2600, 5200, 7800, the Sega Genesis, The SNES, to the Atari Jaguar or the Sony PS1 (plus all the Sony and Microsoft systems) to 8 different hand held systems (and emulation) that I truly love gaming and now I'm enthralled with STEAM, GOG, EGS and the Nexus.

If you look in the back of old gaming magazines from the 90's there was a multi state wide game store chain called Die Hard Gaming and I even worked for them. But none of them beat modding games, for me modding is nearly as much fun as playing games, especially at my age now. Not to mention, say all the money I have sunk into both gaming and game collecting.

Thanks to the Nexus for keeping my gaming habit going!


:geek: + :laugh: = :devil: !!!

Thanks to Robin as well for starting the Nexus!

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