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From Day Dreams of a Spaced Out old Man comes


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Keep in mind Thor, that today, if you have insight's which you can validate with facts you can get your own Intellectual Property Rights of ownership secured so no one else can harvest your idea's without getting your permission. It is getting harder and harder for people to just take another persons intellectual property. (Copyright) It isn't so expensive to get our Intellectual Property Rights Copyrighted.


Times have changed so it is no longer easy, and not likely someone will claim they found your papers, you put into a bottle, and you threw out into the ocean for some stranger to get rich off of.


Clearly I have been gathering stuff from books, interest from video games; which my own reading lead my attentions to, like, MORROWIND. :sweat: I've been plotting, I have been thinking of how to get another line for a Mod, a DLC, or even an overhaul for the video games I am interested in. :sweat: It seems a daunting task, but I have seen some of my own ideas occur to others. :sweat: It was a wonderful experience to see something I had a fragment of thought on entertaining someone else's attention. :woot: I wanted to join and work with them on their plan too. :woot:


But no, I did not know how to get in with their group at the time, and then they made a big Mod. :woot:


Not the way I would have made it. :whistling: :tongue:


Have you some facts to support your supposition Thor? :cool:


Let me see if I understand you clearly. Ok? Thor.


You've discovered some stuff and you're excited about what you know. :cool:


Did you keep a private journal documenting your discovery validating your thinking " to give you " more self assurances? :mellow:


Have you kept a close eye on what got your attention 'first' until you carefully completely examined and recorded every aspect of it? :mellow:


If you have validated enough stuff to create a good hypothesis which supports facts enough to support your theory, and you recorded it efficiently, so it can be seen with the facts you've collected you should be able to excite other people. :geek:


People who are interested then will open a table for discussion and it may open into discussion with the minds of a University. :geek:


Unless you risk your neck out in the field collecting facts, at best, you may be able to point someone in the correct direct and at best or at least know you did it. If you have a bundle of words working your awareness into a worthwhile compilation you may even get attention for your Intellectual Property.


Unless you do have facts to base your opinion upon; not even a lowlife looter will be interested in what you are saying.


Have you some facts to support your supposition Thor?


I hopes so. For your sake alone. Have fun!

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If you want to go deeper into the mystery hole, there is the site called Gobekli Tepe, they say pre dates the pyramids. the things they describe it to be, you be the judge.


Deeper into the rabbit hole.. Archeology digs like that, the theories how it came to be will boggle your mind. I don't look for it, it just goes with the nature of looking into the past, and unusual dig sites like that one i mentioned.


I suggest you look into it further. If you dislike mainstream theories, things get weird fast.

Edited by Thor.
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The ones you've shared here really are great finds Thor.


Thanks again Thor.


Anyone reading my stuff? If you'd like to see a more YouTubes and discuss Thors finds click on the link and :dance: over to his page at:


>>> The future technology <<<



I am more into writing about my Spaced Out thoughts.


Some facts that I might find interesting get me to thinking. I like to put them to words and make up my own story using facts like a bunch of puzzle pieces.


I draw my own conclusions to what the facts make me think of. If my words get you to picture what I am drawing a picture of with words than you know I am finally getting them written so they work the way I think words should.


I remember the line, "A picture is worth a thousand words." If I can describe what I am seeing so you see it from my arrangement of words I'm getting it correct. If a picture I see just has too much to put into words I may add my own pictures eventually too.


Happy Gaming! :smile:


I'm going over to see what AurianaValoria1 posted a while ago.


I've got about 50 or more people I became interested in what they worked on here. I just seemed to get occasional facts into my head though that stirred up excitement. I really needed a valve to open and let off some steam. Writing the words the way I do, around the facts I learn about, is still a work in progress.


If you're new here drop by this link for >>> Newbies <<< Sometimes I wished I had dropped in there when I first arrived. Bess may of been able to steer me to where my interests were focused at the time if I had.

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its the same deal with the last video, radio broadcast and a guest, but what the subject matter may be, you be the judge.


now getting into the realm of the freaky, how far do you want to go.


Hey this could be a good debate subject, Evidence, vs mainstream archeology???.

You Pagafyr i give you the honor to start it.


I will take you even further down the trail of the unknown. Its a fun hobby compiling stuff like this, it keeps you busy for a long time. just keep in mind to question everything, and everything. There are so many outcomes, you soon will have to write it down for later reference, because even then there is to many possibilities to count.


Its like trying to write a book with multiple endings.

Edited by Thor.
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This is a page for play. A play on words to mingle with mental play on thoughts which excited my mind.


I started it so I could continue my Day Dreams of a Spaced Out Old Man in a daily remake of the old line, "News at Eleven."


It's supposed to be a collection of facts which could be used seriously by people with a degree.


I've lived long enough to realize the rest of us, less fortunate college upstarts, could use this method fictionalizing to keep our minds from getting bogged down with loads of technical data.


Posting on this link may inspire me to write even more Spaced Out stuff, that I make into LOONEY NEWS or sci-fictitious wonders.


I am keeping in mind that I am going to continue writing Day Dreams of a Spaced out Old Man here instead of in Druids Garden.

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Click on this link. . . >>> Robots with Their Heads in the Clouds? <<<


I dare you to read the daily news on this site. >>> https://medium.com/aspen-ideas/robots-with-their-heads-in-the-clouds-e88ac44def8a <<<


I dare you to read the daily news on this site. I double dog dare you.


It seems even more fascinating facts are being tied together to make a very enlightening story.


I did not write the story though. Boo Hoo!

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Ah! To have a healthy body and mind fully in charge of all my senses again. What a scheme? Why Not?!


What a dream?!


I dreamed I was a man of outer space. I saw no large vessel to challenge mine. I saw no planets with inviting signs of life. My last hope was to find a way to turn my own self into a seed. A seed that would grow inside a planet. While I was a young space child I had read about the planet of dreams.


A place where old spacers went. Old men enter and young men emerged and the old never were seen again. Why! It had to be a myth. Nothing more than a childs entertainment.


That was before I saw the Pearls speeding along before me. I cranked up my ships sensors so they did not elude me. They could not be! Yet the story told of a string of orbs that follow each other to the planet of dreams. Was I really seeing them?


The ships sensors told me yes. I prepared the ship to gain speed and follow the tail end of them. The only fear I had was that my ship might not be fast enough.


I would have to rely on my scanners range and hope they did not get out of range. As the ship gained speed I noted a face reflected in the monitor that gave me a window to the outer space. I almost froze at the site of it.


Was I that old? 22 years of space hauling did not make a man old. And yet the face I saw had skin that had begun to turn gray and pale hair with strings of white.


A sensors beep drew my attention away. It must have been my lucky day! I watched as the pearls swam toward a planet. A clouded planet. No signs of earth or water could be seen. The first pearls orb neared the clouds and the sight of the clouds creating a circle forming around the pearl orb began. I watched.


I hoped to see was beneath those clouds. Fear grew in my belly. I felt hope and hunger but I dared not make the approach. Sight unseen defied reason and I wanted to see what was beneath those clouds first.


I checked the solar system map to find out where I was.


The small group of planets in this galaxy was new to me. As I viewed the information about the area I found I was near enough to a planet of earth, with ice and liquid water. All three a popular product. Well worth a visit.


I turned my attention back to the planet as the Pearl Orb made half its mass enter. It seemed to slow, but only a little. I thought it might be a viscous mass.

The sensor began reporting the properties what was being exposed. The first pearl orb was engulfed by the clouds. The sensors were unable to go through them to get readings.


I watched as the second pearl orb approached. After several seconds it too was engulfed. The string was going in one by one. The second to the last was entering. I sensed there was a problem with my instruments.


I patted the deck for a simple reaction for the readings to change. The information remained the same.


The ship was a dot like a speck of dust following the last pearl orb. It was a risk. There was prosperity only a few planets away. I pushed the engines to catch the pearl orb. I could use its mass to shield me and make the escape pod if all else failed. If what was below did not appeal to me... I could only hope.


The ship gained on the orb. A few meters to go. I was barely able to hold back my curiosity about the orb itself let alone the new planet I had never visited before. At the rim of the orb my ship was a speck darkening it. My force field shuddered as the ship passed into the orbs outer shell.


I heard the faint sounds of my control panel. I looked at the monitor.


I heard a calm voice affirming my choice to enter the pearl orbs atmosphere, "Wise man!"

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debris and grit between various blocks, possible in specific configuration, may possible carry a large static current deep into the pyramid structures in Egypt. To what end is unclear to me as I have no information on the discreet inner structure of these monuments, or installations as it may be. What area inside these pyramids, to your knowledge, may have contained or may be designed specifically for the storage of a static charge?

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