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Favourite "old" game?


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NES: Shadowgate, Bubble Bobble and Street Gangs


Sega Mega Drive: Sunset Riders and Shining in the Darkness


Game Boy: Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins and Link´s Awakening


PC: CyClones and Red Baron (DOS)

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Mechwarrior 3.


You basically custom fitted your entire 'mech (and later in the campaign, your entire lance's 'mechs) between every mission. Sorting through your accumulated salvage to tweak your 'mech(s) into the ultimate machines throughout the campaign was incredibly addicting.


Hint: Pulse lasers. ALWAYS pulse lasers...

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I know for a fact I destroyed two keyboards and a HDD through shear over-use while playing this game. I still remember walking down to the computer software shop to buy it with cash [Yes, Millenials, people used to actually walk to shops where they sold computer games on physical media called Compact Discs. Amazing!]. I ended up catching a train back home and a guy opposite me in a booth exclaimed how jealous he was that I was holding a copy of the game. [i was reading the booklet - Yes Millenials, computer games used to come with pre-printed things called Game Manuals! There was no internet back then, affordable anyway.]

I still have that Carmageddon CD, jewel case, box, manual and the receipt of sale.


Oh, forgot about Star Wars: Dark Forces! 1995-96, nothing else was played.

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