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Favourite "old" game?


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Hmm, let's see.. Planescape Torment, Daggerfall, does Mother 3 count? The first two Pokémon generations, the classic Zeldas.. Civ 2. Heretic : Shadow of the Serpent Riders too. I can't pick one fav, too many great games from back then.

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My absolute favorite game when I was a kid was A Mind Forever Voyaging. But then at some point I lost the code wheel for it and later of course we got rid of the Apple II. So it wasn't until someone came out with an Apple II emulator and someone else uploaded the game documentation that I was ever able to play this game again. Probably a 20 year gap between play times there. Even though it was really fun to play again, It didn't live up to my 14 year old self's memories of it. Guess I had a better imagination back then.


An old game that never lets me down and I've probably played about every other year or so since it came out is Arcanum of steamworks and magick obscura. In all that time I don't believe I've ever played the same character twice. I've played similar characters but there's just so much you can do and be within that character building system that unless you are purposely trying to recreate a character you're just going to end up with something new and different. I think it's one of the most unique and best character building systems out there. Wish that more games had that sort of diversity.

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Symphony of the Night, hands down my favorite old game. I played the hell out of it as a kid and to this day it holds up in every way. It's one of those rare games that never really ages poorly, it's always good.
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C64 - Paradroid

NES - Super Mario Bros.

Amiga - Pinball Dreams

Genesis - Sonic The Hedgehog

SNES - A Link to the Past

TurboDuo - SideArms


PS1 - Need for Speed High Stakes

N64 - 007

PS2 - GTA Vice City

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