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Favourite "old" game?


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For me, it's Gothic. I still play it from time to time. It will always have a special place in my heart.


I was cautiously optimistic about the remake... so far it's just not Gothic for me. The player monologue...ugh. (The graphics are fine as far as I've seen- and I didn't even get to Diego, just couldn't take anymore, getting to that point was torture). :-(

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It's the best game I've ever played. The only thing I never liked was the respawning system, which was based on chapters instead of days. A team of Germans did create a wonderful respawning mod, too bad it was for Gothic 2 NOTR sigh!


Like DOVAHKI1N, I don't like the remake. Classic Gothic will always be the real legend.

Also, it is the only game that allowed to me to manipulate animations as I wished and to create beautiful, unique screenshot with lots of NPCs. Gothic Fans can find this unique project by Google-searching "Gothic Evolution by Davide Miraglia"

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[...]but I really loved Pokemon Red/Blue.


Yeah, I still play it, even. Not all the time (there are pauses in between that can take years), but I still love it. However, while I love the original, I also love the Remake with a bit of changes- Leafgreen and Firered. All other Gen's after that were just not for me. Well, except for Emerald, Rubin and Sapphire.

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