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Doctor Who, new season and episode, the Dalek Asylum. Interesting storyline generally, a bit predictable but with an interesting ending.


PS: does not really have to be the very last TV show you watched; this is a general guideline.

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Currently in the process of watching all of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Just started up Season 6. Going to watch DS9 when we are done with this. Gotta love Netflix :D
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Surviverman 10 Days with Les Stroud.

He was in Norway in the last episode. Which was a little tame considering most of his shows. Living in the north where 9 months of the year is winter, and fekking cold. If you're a Snowback, most of it was common knowledge. ;)


He's the true survivalist ( and cute in a gnarly, rugged sort of way )... none of this drinking pee and fighting the wild BS.

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new British show about Midwives in a poor slums of Britain after WW2 named CALL THE MIDWIFE. Watched first episode. Excellent, highly recommend.
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