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I think you want to start the quest rather than set the stage. SetStage is for quests already running. Change to myQuest.Start() instead of myQuest.SetStage(myStage). See if that makes any progress for you.

yea I tried that also, no go :(


I wrote a new script


Scriptname StartQuest extends ReferenceAlias


Quest Property myNewQuest Auto


event onRead()




made the myNewQuest = NGIJ_SAVINGLN


still nothing :confused:

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I need to have a NPC talk to me. Force Greet is not working (have no idea why).... so I will walk to a spot on the map, my NPC is standing there. I then want to walk up to him and when given the option to "talk to Vollack" I want the topic to show show up..... I think I need to change his ForceGreet AI package to something else???




UPDATE : SO I am still needing help here. My frist force greet (little girl) works fine, she tells player to go find the ghost... when player goes and finds the ghost, I have a force greet package setup, Dialogue lines there all named correctly, when player gets close, ghost turns to player, walks up to player... and just stands there no talk.... help please.


Maybe someone has MS teams I can share screen? Any ideas here?? Help





It works now... you'll never guess why... go ahead. Nope not that, it was because Vollack was a ghost, has the defaultghostscript, looks like a ghost, he's suppose to be a ghost, the force greet package and the lines were all right... I just did not have the actor selected as IsGhost. That was it!

Now on to the next problem.

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Hello, yeah, it's been a while.

Not much, how about you.


Anyway, need some help on Dialogue views... you can normally separate the dialogue boxes with the arrow links and see how your dialogue works (path). I can do that, but the minute I click on any dialogue box and the click OK to go back to the view, all the boxes are back on top of each other. So I think my Dialogue view .xml is screwed up .


So if someone could send me the first section of your game dialogueviews.xml I want to see if my settings are the same Below is mine.


(I open this in notepad ++ word editor to save space)

<Diagram Version="12"><Nodes><Node Class="std:ShapeNode" Id="0" Version="1"><Bounds>-25.000000, -25.000000, 2362.000000, 123.000000</Bounds><ZIndex>0</ZIndex><ToolTip>0002001E </ToolTip><Locked>True</Locked><Visible>True</Visible><Printable>True</Printable><Selected>False</Selected><Brush Id="0"/><Pen><Color>#FF646464</Color><DashStyle>0</DashStyle><Width>1.000000</Width></Pen><ShadowOffsetX>0.000000</ShadowOffsetX><ShadowOffsetY>0.000000</ShadowOffsetY><Weight>1.000000</Weight><IgnoreLayout>False</IgnoreLayout><CustomDraw>0</CustomDraw><TextAntiAlias>0</TextAntiAlias><HyperLink></HyperLink><Constraints><Constraint Type="0"><Value>0</Value></Constraint><Constraint Type="1"><Value>0.000000</Value></Constraint><Constraint Type="2"><Value>0.000000</Value></Constraint><Constraint Type="3"><Value>0.000000</Value></Constraint><Constraint Type="4"><Value>0.000000</Value></Constraint></Constraints><Obstacle>False</Obstacle><AllowIncomingLinks>True</AllowIncomingLinks><AllowOutgoingLinks>False</AllowOutgoingLinks><EnabledHandles>0</EnabledHandles><HandlesStyle>1</HandlesStyle><Expanded>True</Expanded><Expandable>False</Expandable><XStyle>0</XStyle><Text>DBAstridSleepGreetBranch</Text><TextColor>#FF000000</TextColor><PolygonalTextLayout>False</PolygonalTextLayout><TextFormat XValue="16"><Alignment>0</Alignment><LineAlignment>0</LineAlignment></TextFormat><PolygonalTextLayout>False</PolygonalTextLayout><EnableStyledText>False</EnableStyledText><ImageAlign>2</ImageAlign><RotationAngle>0.000000</RotationAngle><RotateImage>False</RotateImage><RotateText>False</RotateText><Transparent>False</Transparent><DecorationColor></DecorationColor><AutoResizeContainer>True</AutoResizeContainer></Node><Node Class="std:TableNode" Id="1" Version="1"><Bounds>0.000000, 0.000000, 1597.000000, 48.000000</Bounds><ZIndex>1</ZIndex><ToolTip>000CEFB8 - Custom</ToolTip><Locked>False</Locked><Visible>True</Visible><Printable>True</Printable><Selected>False</Selected><Brush Id="1"/><Pen><Color>#FF000000</Color><DashStyle>0</DashStyle><Width>1.000000</Width></Pen><ShadowOffsetX>3.000000</ShadowOffsetX><ShadowOffsetY>3.000000</ShadowOffsetY><Weight>1.000000</Weight><IgnoreLayout>False</IgnoreLayout><CustomDraw>0</CustomDraw><TextAntiAlias>0</TextAntiAlias><HyperLink></HyperLink><AnchorPattern Id="TableInPattern"/><Constraints><Constraint Type="0"><Value>0</Value></Constraint><Constraint Type="1"><Value>0.000000</Value></Constraint><Constraint Type="2"><Value>0.000000</Value></Constraint><Constraint Type="3"><Value>0.000000</Value></Constraint><Constraint Type="4"><Value>0.000000</Value></Constraint></Constraints><Obstacle>True</Obstacle><AllowIncomingLinks>True</AllowIncomingLinks><AllowOutgoingLinks>False</AllowOutgoingLinks><EnabledHandles>-1</EnabledHandles><HandlesStyle>2</HandlesStyle><Cells><Cell><Text></Text><ToolTip></ToolTip><TextFormat XValue="36"><Alignment>0</Alignment><LineAlignment>1</LineAlignment></TextFormat><TextColor></TextColor><Brush Id="2"/><ImageAlign>4</ImageAlign><ColumnSpan>1</ColumnSpan><RowSpan>1</RowSpan></Cell><Cell><Text> G|[E] I'll cut right to it. ... here starts all the dialogue for the game so I don't need any more, just the top few lines.


Or if you would like compare mine to yours located in Whateverdrive\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\Data\DialogueViews then the most recent ,xml file

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How do you make a ghost disappear?


I have a NPC ghost , he talks to the player and then sends the player on a quest and at the end of the dialogue I want the ghost to fade away or go away ghostly.




Alias_DrunkV.GetActorRef().Disable (1) I think

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Does anyone come here anymore?


So question, I viewed a YT video on Quest just to setup dialogue. No stages, no objectives, just dialogue... Has anyone done this before?

You create a quest have it start upon game start-up and then go to Dialogue view and create your dialogue and the conditions.

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ok so here is the symptoms of my issue


my Mod, in the mod the quest has the player visited my the Courier give a note (to start off the quest)... First the Player reads note and goes finds little girl, force greet little girl speak to player dialogue happens, little girl tells player to go find ghost, player goes finds ghost, force greet, dialogue happens with Ghost, ghost tells player go find Vigilant Of Stendarr. The Vigilant Of Stendarr is located in the Nightgate Inn. Player travels to NightGate Inn finds Vigilant Of Stendarr (not force greet) goes up to him and you click to start to talk and he just looks at you. no speaking, nothing I have checked the conditions all are meet (stage 20 and the ID of speaker).

Now here is the odd part I find today, after getting discussed and screaming at the monitor. I close the game, shut it down. start up Vortex, go back into the game and select continue which will start me at the point of walking into Nightgate Inn, then the Vigilant Of Stendarr will speak!!!


So the Vigilant Of Stendarr Actor, I have set to start disabled, I don't want him visible until the player is actively doing my quest. So I have in the dialogue script of the ghost (at end) to


Diana.Disable() This is the little girl out of sight somewhere else... I make her go away
DrunkV.Enable() This is the Vigilant Of Stendarr, I enable him as the player finishes speaking with the ghost
Utility.Wait(0.2) a 2 second pause
VollackGhost.Disable(1) This is the ghost the Player is speaking to at the very end the ghost disappears

So if a start the quest fresh, from the beginning, I can go from courier meeting and run to the Nightgate Inn (Before finding the little girl or the ghost) and there is no Vigilant Of Stendarr in the Nightgate Inn as planned. Then run and find little girl then the ghost, speak with both, then run to KnightGate Inn and as planned there's the Vigilant Of Stendarr... but he does not speak. Close down game , reboot start at last point which is coming into Nightgate Inn, see the Vigilant Of Stendarr and go speak with him and Poof he talks.






UPDATE: If I remove the "start disabled" and the enable above, it works fine... hmmm

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