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With a triggerbox,


how can I get an NPC to speak a line or two (in general) NOT directly to the player.


I can't get Scene to work... so the scenario is player will walk down hall, just before entering the room (hitting a triggerbox) the NPC inside the room will say 2 lines. I can't find any packages that do that??


Never mind Say the AL PAckage or travel SAY may work.

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OMG was I the last to post in this thread... Where has everyone gone?


Please tell me you smart people are still here to help... CP2077 turned out NOT to be the next great RPG, so can we get some lovin for Skyrim?


I am having an issue with Scenes in the quest, and instead of asking question after question, does anyone know of a good tut (video or reading) for Scenes?

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Hi all, happy new year.


I've made a follower mod, I've given her custom shock spells. I want to make the shock spells look more powerful by increasing the number of lightning bolts in the projectile meshes. I duplicated the bolt meshes in nifskope but they don't show up, just the originals.


How do I go about making the extra bolts show up in game?

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I've never dealt with scenes, can't give you any advice on that. Sorry.

Oh thank god your still here IsharaMeradin! So yea I will find a work around on this I think (or just give up on it). Do you happen to know how to start a quest using the courier? I followed a vid tut on this, but it never starts my quest. I am trying to use the read (alias_Cnote) for him to hand the note to the player but that does not work , then the courierdoes not even kick off my quest.

Is the code just Setstage ?


if (NGIJ_Myquest.SetStage(0))

Debug.Trace("Side quest successfully set to stage 0!")


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I haven't made any quests that start with the courier. There are others that have. They might be able to offer advice but I doubt that this is a thread that they'll visit. You might get a quicker response by making a specific post in the Creation Kit sub-section.

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Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?
I made (edited from a mod) custom forsworn boots model (.obj), imported it in outfit studio to copy bone weights and sliders and fix texture properties, built it with bodyslide and it doesn't show ingame.
I tried different tools: nifskope - loads model ok, outfit studio - loads model ok, bodyslide - ok, creation kit - ok, open the game model is invisible.

Any help is welcome and thanks in advance.

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Hello All,


So I am trying to start a quest using a courier, all things are working ok... i.e. I can change location, the courier shows up, says what I have linked, he gives me my note and runs off.


Problem is I have in this courier quest a DefaultOnReadSetQuestStage script, so that when I read the note, it should kick-off my quest, but it does not.


and I ref in properties the new quest, I am waiting to be kicked off




myStage = 0


the script inside is


Scriptname DefaultOnReadSetQuestStage extends ReferenceAlias

int Property myStage Auto

Quest Property myQuest Auto

event onRead()

I am expecting my quest NGIJ_SAVINGLN to start now at stage 0 ..... but after all of this checking with sqv command , NGIJ_SAVINGLN has not started. any ideas

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